While working as an escort has its perks, there are some definite challenges too. Working as an escort involves a drastic lifestyle change. For some people some of the challenges associated with the adult industry are quite too much to put up with whereas some people cope up well with them. If you are making the decision whether to join the adult industry as an escort you should be aware of the following challenges:

  1. Stalkers

Working as an escort exposes you to a lot of strangers and you are likely going to end up with some fans. Having fans is a good thing and some of them may end being good customers or normal friends. However, not all fans are respectful of escorts and understand the rules of engagement or the boundaries between escort work as a form of entertainment and your personal life as a civilian. Some fans however, are extremely egoistic and are biased of the value of an escort to be just a fantasy for them to enjoy or play with. It is quite possible for you to fall victim to such narcissists. While most may not be violent they can follow you around or initiate uninvited communication and violate your privacy. (more…)